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Carolyn and Gordon’s Wedding Photography PhotoFilm.

It was lovely getting to know Carolyn and Gordon before their big wedding day.

I was lucky that we had already met before they had booked me as their wedding photographer. Like a large proportion of weddings I photograph each year, many come through recommendations or as a result of attending another wedding I’ve photographed. Gordon was the life and soul at another wedding and we all got on immediately.

Their wedding day at Roffey Park. It’s a new venue to me. The pre-wedding meeting was a good excuse to wander around the grounds, before they arrived, to find all the best spots for pictures. A good chat over a a cuppa and some engagement photos gave me a good insight into them as a couple and their story so far. It’s so helpful to have an open conversation as it can help me to tailor my photography around their day and include any special moments planned.

With this blend of two families coming together, the wedding day was a mix of emotion and lots of laughter!

The best way to get a sense of the day is to play the photo film, above.