Wedding with a festival theme! Pamber Place, Tadley, Berkshire

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As wedding photography bookings go, this was a relatively late one. We had just endured the “beast from the East” when Heidi and Josh came in for a chat. “We are going to give it a festival feel and will also be camping on-site too!” It seemed like a good idea and the wedding festival was to be held at Pamber Place , a new venue for me which makes a lovely change for me.

I first laid eyes on the venue at the engagement shoot. Wow, what a lovely place! Very well kept grounds and lots of little spaces for friends and family to enjoy the day. Fast forward to the wedding day itself and we were in the middle of one of the hottest summers in decades!

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A beautiful church wedding is ideally suited to hot summer days. The stone walls did a great job to cool the air slightly. It was one of those churches with a balcony! We love those because it gives us a uniquely different vantage point for photography during the wedding ceremony. We get a “top-down” view of the whole wedding dress as the bride arrives. There are young children too, who can’t always stand/sit still which goes further to lighten the atmosphere as they try to wander up the aisle or peer over the back of a pew.

Then we have the marquee reception. They had it set up perfectly. An outdoor bar made from reclaimed wood, fresh food cooked and served buffet style and an excellent sound system. Pamber Place is miles from any other home so there’s now worry about keeping the neighbours up. The air was warm and still, the band turned the stage around and played outdoors. It was one of the most chilled and relaxed weddings I’ve been to for a long time. A wonderful festival feel.

It didn’t feel like a work day at all!


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