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No two weddings are the same.

This is why we approach every wedding with a fresh pair of eyes. We won’t bore you about our years of experience and then go through the motions of photographing your wedding in exactly the same way as everyone else’s. Our experience shows that the more we get to know about you both, and your day, the more we can personalise the images we take to reflect you and your wedding. We also stay in the background to capture a mixture of fun, natural and glamorous shots in both colour and black and white.
A full day’s photography begins with natural shots of the bride in the final stages of getting ready, applying makeup and tying up the back of the dress. Then, in the final hour before the big moment, a few pictures of the bride with parents and the bridesmaids.

Meanwhile the second photographer will capture friends and family arriving at the wedding venue. This will include natural images of friends and family enjoying themselves before your big moment.

After some quick pictures of the groom and best man, we are both at the

church ready for the bride’s arrival. We the move into the wedding venue and discreetly capture the wedding ceremony and signing of the register. Then we are ready to capture your first moments as man and wife as you walk down the aisle and then have your first pictures taken with your wedding guests.

Once the group pictures are completed, we spend a little time with just the two of you capturing a mixture of fun, natural and romantic images of you both. This can be at the reception venue or at a location nearby.

We then stay in the background, capturing natural images of everyone enjoying themselves everyone enjoying themselves, during speeches and throughout the evening up to the first dance.

We’re also accustomed to receiving to the odd special request. This can range from fireworks, letting off Chinese lanterns, sunset and moonlight pictures, a Star Wars themed wedding, pet dogs performing tricks to (almost) hanging out of our vehicle to capture an action shot of the wedding car.

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Frequently asked questions.

At a wedding we went to, the photographer seemed to take over.

We won’t get in your way. We believe the best images come from staying in the background and capturing natural moments of people enjoying themselves. Obviously there are times (Group photos for example) where we need to make ourselves heard, but we keep that to a minimum.

We’re not very good at having our photos taken.

You are in good company. In all my time as a professional wedding photographer I have only had two super confident couples who did NOT ask this kind of question.

I called the company Real People Photography because we’re pretty good at taking natural shots of couples enjoying their day. We won’t pose you like supermodels, having to hold some impossible position. We will chat to you throughout the day, capturing more natural images. What couples find really helpful is the pre-wedding shoot. We meet up about 6 weeks before the wedding to look around the venue and take some photos. When couples come away, having enjoyed themselves, it goes a long way to relaxing them on the big day.

Just enjoy yourselves and let us capture the fun and romance of your day.

How will you know what types of images to take on the day or where to take them?

Even if we have previously photographed at a venue, I would meet up with you about 6 weeks before your wedding for a pre-wedding photo shoot. We will talk about the day and look round the wedding venues. It gives you a feel of what it will be like to have your pictures taken on the day and I will get a good understanding of what types of pictures will work for you.

I have photographed at a wide range of venues from stately homes, private homes, function rooms, barns, farms, marquees and even an old railway station. That experience gives me a good idea of what to look out for when I get the chance to work in a venue for the first time. You can see the range of wedding venues we’ve shot over the years.

What if it rains?

There’s always a plan B. Where ever you are getting married, we will use the pre-wedding shoot to show you where we can get the best images, should the weather not be great on the day.

What if you fall ill?

Although it is very rare for a photographer to be unable to attend a wedding, I have mutual agreements with other photographers, should the worst happens. I also have a very talented assistant who is also able to step in my shoes.

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