The emotion of the receiving line.

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Here’s the thing.

Weddings are busy days. Time really does speed by and you can end up sitting there in the early hours of the morning in your wedding outfit thinking if you managed to speak to everyone who came! If you can plan in the time, and have a lot of guests to your wedding, it might be an idea to have a receiving line. Although it can take around 20 to 30 minutes to greet everyone on a wedding party of 100, those who came to the wedding gets to meet you and share the excitement of your day.

For a professional wedding photographer like myself, this can be a treasure trove of natural moments. Everyone is wrapped up in the moment and I use a special lens, called a Prime, that lets in tonnes of light. I actually bought it for the sole purpose to get better receiving line pictures. It allows me to photograph what’s happening in quite dark environments without the need to use a flash. For the receiving line images below, there are no windows behind me so I’m using the small amount of light from the wall fitting over my left shoulder. It’s ample for me. Also the bride hasn’t got a flash light constantly going off behind her. As it’s quite dark anyway, people forget I’m there and can just be in the moment, which is just how I like it!

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