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It’s a Sunday afternoon and I am taking my kids to their swimming lessons. Whilst my son is mastering the backstroke, my little girl is flitting between two questions. These were either;



– How many seconds until it is my turn?

– Or I have a question that starts with “When you got married …..”

The first usually requires a quick calculation. Then I get shown a glum face, a clear indication that time is not passing fast enough for my little girl. Luckily I have a bunch of images, from our wedding day, on my phone. This enables us to quickly move onto my daughter’s second favourite topic of conversation, which helps time move faster.

I understand, from my own family experiences, natural wedding images can evoke all kinds of stories. That’s why I love the challenge of modern reportage wedding photography. We get a real buzz when we stay in the background and see friends and family have such a wonderful time. It’s images like these that can jog the memory and transport you back to the moment time and time again. By being discreet, people relax much more and so, when it comes to capturing some posed images, everyone is much more at ease.

That’s what happened at Philippa and Anthony’s wedding. Such a fun day and it was such a laugh when the girls came up to me in some wacky sunglasses and asked me to take a picture. The singing waiters were hilarious! For a wedding photographer, a venue like The Mill House Hotel, is a wonderful backdrop for celebrating that special day.

By the way my daughter is now swimming and my writing of this blog post is now being in dispersed with a conversation with my young lad about the various different activities you get out of a 1 hour exclusive use pool hire…..

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