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Wedding Photographer Winchester Guildhall

I love a challenge.

I remember when I met Joanne and John and quickly knew this was going to be a wonderfully unique day. “We’re going to have a steampunk theme, Victorian style posed pictures and we’d like to be chased by a dinosaur”. Now, I’ve photographed over 200 weddings and never covered a steampunk wedding or have I been able to Photoshop in a dino chase! Brilliant.

The pre-wedding shoot at the Guildhall in Winchester was a unique experience. We did the usual things of talking through the wedding day, group pictures and walked around the venue. Then we discussed where the dino-shot might take place. It’s not often you want in a busy public space talking about the logistics of where a long-extinct animal would stand and where the wedding party would be running and looking.

On Joanne and John’s wedding day, it poured it down! This is why it’s a great idea to book a wedding venue with a wonderful interior. We do live in the UK after all. Everyone had made such a wonderful effort in getting hold of the right costume (Many came from Hampshire Wardrobe who do a wonderful job of creating and maintaining all sorts of costumes and period outfits). I took pictures of Joanne getting ready, and putting on her wedding dress, in the most lovely family cottage with it’s low wooden beams and slanty ceilings on the upper floor. Then off to the Winchester Guildhall, a magnificent Victorian building being the perfect venue for this steam punk themed wedding! It was a great opportunity to use these big spaces to take pictures of just the bride and groom and capture their style within these historic rooms. The wedding party was full of talented musicians, dancers and singers so everyone had a wonderful time.

Of course, it doesn’t rain forever. As soon as there was a break in the weather, everyone poured out into the park next door and the dino chase was on!