Wellington College Berkshire – Wedding Photographer

//Wellington College Berkshire - Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography – Wellington College – Berkshire

As a wedding photographer, you always look forward to covering someone's special wedding day, but we were pretty excited about this one.... When I first met this Vickie and Ross, they were a fun couple. "This'll make for some lively wedding photography" I thought. Great! Then they showed where their wedding was being held, Wellington [...]

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Wedding Photographer – Wellington College – Berkshire

As far as I know, no other UK wedding photographer is doing this..... We are always hungry to try out new ideas. Like this one we added to our PhotoBooth. From the moment we switched on the studio lights we were shooting all night long. It's never been so popular! It was as simple as having [...]

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Pre-wedding photography shoot – Wellington College.

Flame towers, laser shows and glitter bombs. And that's just the evening do! A pre-wedding photo shoot is the ideal way to get to know your wedding photographer, for your wedding photographer to get to know YOU and to share your plans for your wedding day. When I met Vickie and Ross recently [...]

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