Wedding Photographer Hampshire


Company Owner and Principle Photographer at Real People Photography.

I called the company “Real People Photography” because I have a knack of getting people comfortable to capture some fun and romantic images of their day. Most people are not professional models. I use the pre-wedding shoot to find out a little more about then and the style of pictures that suits them best. Being able to technically capture a great image is one thing, but I believe a happy and relaxed couple, who are enjoying their day, can bring that image to life. Although I’ve been a professional photographer for a while now, I love the challenge of creating new ways of capturing images at a wedding. As a company, we are never ones to rest on our laurels.

I’ve been a professional photographer since 2005 (and had been a very keen amateur in my teens and early 20’s). Before that, I spent 17 years in the music radio industry, as a radio broadcaster and manager. The way of working is very similar to wedding photography. Regularly dealing with people and crowds of people and working with individuals to create ideas and concepts they liked.

I’m a married father of two children and re-kindled my love for photography after my own wedding, which I enjoyed immensely and loved the photos we got back. So I bought myself a new camera and photographed the weddings of friends and family. A little later I decided to hang up the headphones, stop playing Madonna and Lady Gaga and become a full-time photographer.

Now I spend many weekends capturing the fun and romance of weddings all over the UK. It’s a real privilege to be asked to be a photographer at someone’s wedding, although, surely work shouldn’t be this much fun!

As mentioned above I love the challenge of working in new ways. As well as coming up with new ideas myself, I get challenged by wedding couples when they have a special request. This can range from fireworks, letting off Chinese lanterns, sunset and moonlight pictures, a Star Wars themed wedding, pet dogs performing tricks to (almost) hanging out of our vehicle to capture an action shot of the wedding car.

For the techies amongst you, I’m a Canon man and use the EOS 5D series plus a range of lenses which stop down to f1.6.

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